About Us

Our Commitment

We believe that a world with fewer, better things allows us to live and breathe with more freedom and purpose. Freedom from stuff allows us more time and energy to focus on the things that really matter in life. It gives us a sense of a place and belonging in the world.

Ode to Jeune offers simpler, better choices. Our goal is to create well-engineered fashion for moms and their minis that are produced in a responsible and Earth-friendly way. Our designs are carefully thought out and continuously improved upon to make those morning routines more seamless. We use vintage garments and quality materials sourced from small, local shops specializing in surplus and remnant fabrics to create effortless styles that helps minimize fashion waste and pollution. 

From material choice to adaptable and heirloom designs, we offer conscientious style for you and your little ones. We are committed to helping you invest in their environmental future.


About Our Designer

Ode to Jeune was built from the simple belief that design has the power to impact big change. As a global citizen, Chi Bui feels a deep concern about the current environmental crisis. As a fashion designer, she feel a responsibility to provide sustainable solutions. And as a busy mother, it is her priority to bestow values upon future generations. After a decade of working in fashion and pioneering vintage chic style at Reformation and Redone, she is bringing you her vision for the future: Ode to Jeune.